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  • <a href=''>"Illegal immigration is domestic issue and some trying by all means to thwart Tunisian experience" (Saied)<a>
  • <a href=''>Coronavirus: Health Ministry reports 9 more cases of infection, 7 domestic <a>
  • <a href=''>Coronavirus: 17 more cases and 1 more death reported (Health Ministry)  <a>
  • <a href=''>Success Story: Tunisia’s Mohamed Abid Deputy Chief Mechanical Engineer of NASA Mars 2020 mission<a>
  • <a href=''>Next gov't will be of all Tunisians (PM-designate) <a>
  • <a href=''>Parliament rejects motion of no confidence in Rached Ghannouchi [Upd 1]<a>
  • <a href=''>Rached Ghannouchi in the face of no-confidence vote<a>
  • <a href=''>Bill on exceptional recruitment measures in public sector passed <a>


Mobile military lab activated to screen COVID-19 cases at...
03/08/2020 21:26, TUNIS/Tunisia
(TAP)- The mobile military microbiological safety laboratory has been has been...
Next government must be formed on basis of party quotas (Seifeddine...
03/08/2020 21:15, TUNIS/Tunisia
(TAP) - Head of the parliamentary group of Al Karama Coalition Seifeddine...
“Qalb Tounes calls for forming gov't with broad political support”...
03/08/2020 20:45, TUNIS/Tunisia
(TAP)– President of Qalb Tounes party Nabil Karoui said his party “has no...


COVID-19: "Save", 3 MD financial instrument to support impacted startups
03/08/2020 21:36, TUNIS/Tunisia
(TAP) - The “Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations” (CDC), the Tunisian Association of Capital Investors (ATIC), Smart...
 Fakhfakh calls to ensure good quality drinking water for all citizens
 COVID-19: Civil Aviation Authority launches staff testing campaign
 Situation in energy sector: Ministry of Energy sounds alarm


"Illegal immigration is domestic issue and some trying by all means to thwart Tunisian experience" (Saied)
03/08/2020 20:28, TUNIS/Tunisia
(TAP) – “It is time to reflect on the real reasons leading young and old alike to depart on death boats,” President...
 Irregular migration requires socio-economic treatment (Fakhfakh)
 Coronavirus: 4 more cases of infection, 3 domestic (Health Ministry)
 COVID-19 and sexual health under debate on Women's Day (ONFP)


Tunisia's soccer League 1 - Day 17 results [Upd 1]
02/08/2020 20:05, TUNIS/Tunisia
(TAP) - Results of Tunisia's national soccer League 1 day-17 games played on Sunday and Saturday: Played Sunday,...
 Tunisia's soccer League 1 - Day 17 results [Upd 1]
 Tunisia’s Basketball Cup (semi-finals men’s): JS Kairouaniase through...
 Basketball (senior women's play-offs): CS Gorjani and CSF Hammam-lif...
  Tunisia’s basketball championship (semi-finals) ES Radès join US...
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