Death of Caid Essebsi: Arab artists and intellectuals express their solidarity with Tunisian people
28/07/2019 14:10, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP)- Following the death of President Béji Caïd Essebsi on Thursday, July 25, several Arab artists and intellectuals offered their condolences to the Tunisian people, expressing their feelings of compassion and solidarity on social networks.

Paying tribute to the Tunisian people following the national funeral of Béji Caïd Essebsi, held Saturday, the poet and member of the Egyptian Writers' Union, Ahmed Kandil wrote in particular "Their president dies and state institutions are still functioning, the state of emergency has not been declared, the President of the House of People's Representatives takes up his new duties as Acting President in five hours in a flexible and peaceful manner. Without the deployment of military tanks and police armoured vehicles on the streets. The people, all the people without exception, mourn and pay tribute to their president. The discordant voices remain silent and join those who pay tribute to him. He united them during his lifetime and after his death. I am not talking about a European country, but about an Arab country, Tunisia, Yes, Tunisia, the exception".

For her part, Lebanese singer Majda El Roumi gave the following testimony in tribute to President Caïd Essebsi: "With his loss, the Arab world, Lebanon and Tunisia have lost a clear-sighted leader, a man of spirit and a prominent liberal personality". "Glory to the leading figures whose traces remain engraved in history through the generations," she writes.

Publishing his photo with President Béji Caïd Essebsi during the ceremony during which he decorated him with insignia of the national order of merit, the committed Lebanese singer Marcel Khalif paid tribute to the President underlining "Each time art acquires a high place among people, freedoms are enlarged".

For his part, Algerian writer Kamel Daoud wrote: "Condolences to the Tunisians. Sad news is that President Essebsi has disappeared. This country remains a lesson in humility and wisdom in the face of the temptations of radicalism. And this man knew how to embody it as best he could, Great defender of women and secularism."

Other Arab artists expressed their condolences to the Tunisian people following the death of President Béji Caïd Essebsi, as did Assi Al Hillani, Carole Samaha, Nassif Zeytoun, and Tarek Larbi Tarkan.

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