Tunisian bread, saltiest of all Mediterranean countries,Tunisian family consume average of 42 kg of bread per year
29/05/2018 14:06, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) -The Tunisian family consume an average of 42 kg of bread a year and the average consumption per person is 74 kg a year, according to data from the National Institute of Consumption (INC).

INC Director-General Tarek Ben Jazia said on Tuesday in a statement to TAP that consumption increases by 25% during the month of Ramadan compared with the other months.

The consumption of baguettes edges up 13% during the Holy month compared with the rest of the year.

According to the same source, in Tunisia the bread is salty, knowing that the amount of salt in the bread is equal to that contained in a glass of 100 ml.

Ben Jazia specified that the amount of salt added when making bread is the highest in the Mediterranean, pointing to the spread of the phenomenon of bread waste in the country. Indeed, statistics confirm that nearly 15.7% of bread bought by the Tunisian is thrown, the equivalent of 100 million dinars a year. Thus, 900 thousand loaves are thrown daily.

He attributed the causes of increased waste, especially during the month of Ramadan to the purchase of large quantities of this product beyond the necessary needs and diversity of supply in addition to the poor quality of some bread varieties.

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