Losses linked to Ulysse ship accident estimated at €7,000 per day
07/01/2019 16:15, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) – The losses linked to the Ulysse ship accident are estimated at €7,000 (23,852.81 TND) per day, Director General of Maritime Transport and Trade Ports Youssef Ben Romdhane told TAP at a a press conference held on Monday in Tunis.

The Tunisian Ro-Ro ship had collided with Cypriot container ship "CSL Virginia” on October 7 at 6.30 am some 28km north of Cape Corsica and is currently docked in the Menzel Bourguiba harbour in Bizerte, awaiting repairs.

Tunisian maritime authorities will launch a call for tenders through the procurement system to choose a ship repairs company, Ben Romdhane added.

The ship, out of service for the past three months, will resume activities in June or July of 2019 he pointed out. The ship repair cost reached 10MTD and could increase, he said.

“Insurers of the Ulysse ship will bear the compensation cost,” he added, estimating that it will be expensive.

He also said the COTUNAV has rented a ship with €20,000 per day till April 2019. “The ship’s profits cover its rent’s cost,” he noted.

Tunisian and Cypriot authorities had decided to lodge a complaint with the French courts to determine the responsibility and assess the losses. The Virginia ship was sold by its owner to a private company that now flies the Panama's flag.

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