ANSI warns against, "new flaw" threatening MIcrosoft Windows system, used on remote desktop computer
29/05/2019 22:39, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP)- The National Agency for Computer Security (French:ANSI) drew attention on Wednesday to the appearance of a "new flaw" threatening users of the operating system "Microsoft Windows" for the use of a remote desktop computer.

In the last few hours, the agency has detected temptations to exploit it, especially from Ireland, China and the United States in particular.

In a statement, it called on users of the "Microsoft Windows" operating system to be vigilant and cautious, especially since exploiting this vulnerability could lead to dangerous programming and viruses that could trigger cyber attacks.

Users of this system are required to make periodic necessary updates while ensuring updates to the Microsoft system version 2019 and to immediately stop unnecessary services and delete all unused accounts.

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