Nearly 12.8 million quintals of grain collected so far
28/08/2019 18:52, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) - The quantities of grain collected until August 23 reached nearly 12.8 million quintals, against 7.7 million quintals, during the same period of the 2018 season, according to data from the Ministry of Agriculture obtained by TAP.

The ministry also expects that the remaining grain discharging operation should be completed in the first week of September 2019.

The quantities collected are distributed between 8.7 million quintals of durum wheat, 748 thousand quintals of soft wheat, 3.3 million quintals of barley and 9.3 million quintals of triticale.

Tunisia expects a production of 24 million quintals of wheat during this season, compared to 16.3 million quintals in the previous season.

 183 permanent centres are involved in the collecting operation. They meet the minimum conditions for the collection of grain, along with 24 grain calibration laboratories, which are spread over all the production regions.

 The ministry has decided not to raise the prices of selected seeds for the 2019-2020 season, despite the rise in grain prices at production.

Regarding the impact of rainfall on the stock of grain in the north-west regions, a ministry source told TAP there is no serious damage recorded in the centres located in the northwestern governorates, notably in Kef, which saw a rainfall of 34 millimeters on Thursday night, except for the co-operative centre in the Sers region that suffered a loss of 350 quintals of grain.

The Ministry added that measures have been taken, including the collection of quantities of wheat (nearly 45 thousand quintals) and barley stored outdoors, as soon as possible, giving priority to the discharging of the most sensitive centres, especially in the governorate of Kef.

For his part, UTAP executive bureau member in charge of arable crops, Mohamed Rjaibia said "to be relatively satisfied with the grain season in particular, with the record grain harvest registered.

 He pointed to problems faced during the season, including the issue of the grain disposal operation on time, especially since 2 million quintals of grain remained in the open air.

He added that thanks to the combined efforts of the parties concerned, the disposal operations could be relatively accelerated.

Only 60 thousand quintals of wheat remained outside the warehouses.

 Rjaibia estimated that the disposal of the rest of the quantities will end in the first week of September 2019.

 He pointed out that the average productivity has reached 26 quintals per hectare.

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