"Adjustment of Tunisian-Turkish trade balance, a priority of mine" (Turkey’s ambassador in Tunis)
19/10/2019 17:47, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) – The adjustment of the Tunisian-Turkish trade balance is “one of my priorities and I am personally working on projects that we will announce in the next few weeks or months,” Turkey’s Ambassador in Tunis Ali Onaner said in an interview with TAP.

The trade balance deficit in Turkey with Tunisia has reached 1.808 billion dinar in September 2019.

“We have concrete projects to facilitate and encourage Tunisia's exports to Turkey,” he indicated.

“I am currently working with several investors who are in different phases of their future investments in Tunisia. Some intend to build factories in Tunisia which is likely to contribute to increasing Tunisia's exports.”

“Most of the planned production will be exported. These Turkish companies that I encourage to invest in Tunisia will generate jobs and this will be one more factor for our trade and economic relations to be beneficial for both countries," he pointed out.

The Turkish official further estimated that the signing of a free trade agreement between both countries in 2005 has helped “boost our trade links, in order for our relations to become long-lasting.”

“It is desirable for our relations to become as much balanced as possible. It is in the interest of Tunisia and Turkey that Tunisia can further export to Turkey.”

As for imports from Turkey, Onaner affirmed that “he will encourage and prioritise import of products likely to help Tunisia either provide an added value to its exports to other countries or import products from Turkey that will directly contribute to the Tunisian industry and production.”

“We will encourage the import of industrial machineries from Turkey that would help increase Tunisia’s exports tenfold in the long term," he added.

As for products imported from Turkey that may be Tunisian, the Turkish ambassador added that “we can encourage the Turkish investors to come to Tunisia and produce them on site by partnering with other Tunisian companies.” The aim is to have a useful import and to highlight good examples so as to encourage the future investors, he added.

"Turkey's investments in Tunisia will edge up,” he affirmed, saying his country will seek to gradually adjust the trade balance with Tunisia, with a view to establish a sustainable trade.

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