Export volume down 5% in 2019 (INS)
19/01/2020 15:29, TUNIS/Tunisia
(TAP) - The export volume fell by 5% in 2019 against a 3.5% increase in 2018, the National Institute of Statistics (INS) said in its newsletter.

That volume went down in several sectors, including agriculture and food processing industry (16.6%), textile-clothing and leather (6%), energy (7.3%) and mechanical and electrical industries (2.4%).

In current values, exports grew 7% to 43,855.4 million dinars.

The increase in export prices was 12.6%. Excluding energy, export prices went up 12%, knowing that energy export prices posted a rise of about 12% during the same period.

9% drop in import volume in 2019

The quantities imported were also down (9%) in 2019 against an increase of 1% in 2018.

Therefore, the volume of imports saw a decrease by about 12.1% in the mechanical and electrical industries, about 8.4% in the textile-clothing and leather sectors and about 6.7% in the agriculture and food-processing industries.

However, in current values, imports grew 5.4% to 63,264.1 MD.

At the price level, imports increased by 15.8%. Excluding energy, import prices climbed up 15.5% compared to 2018. Indeed, energy import prices saw a rise of 16.5% in the same period.

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