ITES recommends digital technology to support targeted lockdown and prepare for economic recovery
22/05/2020 22:20, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) - The Tunisian Institute for Strategic Studies (ITES) recommended, for successful deconfinement, the implementation of an integrated platform for digital surveillance and monitoring of the pandemic, the use of telemedicine and remote monitoring to support health systems, and the establishment of a national telework strategy.

These tools will allow Tunisia, according to a study of the ITES "Digital to support the targeted lockdown and prepare for economic recovery", released Friday, to catch up the backlog accumulated in the field of digital technology by taking advantage of its full potential.

Other recommendations of the ITES, in this field, the impetus for the development of online services, and the generalisation of the use of the unique identifier for all administrations, the equipment of all Tunisians with an electronic certificate, the development of online administrative services, accelerating the implementation of mobile payment and the mandatory application of the electronic bill.

Public and private transport should be digitised to limit the risk of contamination, according to the ITES study, which advocates a new strategy and calls for "breakthrough thinking, innovation and freedom from the burdens of the past and the usual modes of operation".

"It will be essential to make the best use of digital technology and to further develop digital economy institutions and businesses to continue to reach out and engage in dialogue with citizens and customers," the study says.

The Institute recalls, in this regard, that the countries that have best contained COVID-19, such as South Korea, Taiwan and Singapore, do not all share the same political or governance system.

Nevertheless, they all have a common determinant. All have mastered the pandemic by relying on digital technologies, sometimes at the expense of individual rights and privacy.

"Countries that have successfully contained the pandemic have used digital surveillance to identify affected patients, sort the sick from the healthy, limit the spread of the virus and carefully resume certain social and economic activities.

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