State land lease programme for unemployed graduates will be re-evaluated (Minister of State Property)
25/05/2020 16:17, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) - The programme of leasing state land for unemployed university graduates, which began in 2019, will be reassessed since it has not met the required conditions, said Minister of State Property and Land Affairs Ghazi Chaouachi.

Speaking in an interview with TAP, he added that although still in its infancy, this programme has not brought added value in terms of generating opportunities for the creation of projects for young people in the interior regions and stimulating the pace of investment in the agricultural sector due to major difficulties, mainly, its legal framework.

Among the problems that have hindered the success of this programme, the neglect of the issue of access to financing and the inability to guarantee the training needed to ensure the sustainability of the agricultural projects created.

The Minister stressed, in this regard, that permanent contacts with the Ministries of Finance, Vocational Training and Employment are underway to develop the programme of leasing public land for unemployed higher education graduates.

The aim is to ensure wider opportunities for training and financial support for young people with the possibility of granting them tax benefits.

He added that only one young person in the entire Republic of Tunisia had benefited from this programme. That person has obtained an agricultural lot and started the realisation of the project.

//The regularisation of situation of housing groups built on State land is scheduled to take place within three years

With regard to the programme to regularise housing groups built on public land, the Minister stressed the importance of this programme in order to regularize the land and legal situation of about 1,250 housing districts comprising about 150,000 Tunisian citizens.

Ghazi Chaouachi said this programme aims to regularise the situation of housing groups to obtain title deeds to enable owners to resell or inherit them, or even to obtain bank loans indicating that 200 cases have been settled.

In addition, an awareness-raising campaign will be conducted to encourage citizens to regularize the status of their homes.

Regarding the setting of a timetable for the regularisation of the entire file, the minister said if citizens react positively, it could be closed within three years.

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