National system to combat smuggled phones "Sajalni" launches
16/12/2020 19:16, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) – The launch of a centralised national system (CEIR-N) called "Sajalni" to prevent the sale of smuggled mobile phones and tablets and those from parallel markets was announced by Minister of Communication Technology and Digital Transition Fadhel Kraiem Wednesday.

The system, consisting of a central database for the registration of unique identifiers of smart phones and tablets, will come into operation from January 1, 2021 the minister added at a press conference held in Tunis.

He said the initiative will help limit the use of non-compliant phones, adding that 60% of cell phones that are activated on the networks of the three operators come from smuggling and parallel markets.

He added that this will also help protect the economy and generate additional tax revenue, noting that nearly 3 million cell phones are legally imported into Tunisia every year.

The system, which will be run by the Centre for Studies and Research in Telecommunications (CERT), will aim to protect public networks against interference that may be caused by the use of non-compliant phones and ensure a good quality of service to users.

Director General of CERT Naoufel Ben Said, for his part, said the system will register cell phones operated by different operators (nearly 14 million subscribers).

He stressed that mobile terminals acquired through illegal channels and stolen phones will be blocked, calling for the need to register mobile terminals (phones and tablets) imported individually from abroad via the website

He added that anyone wishing to acquire a phone already in use simply dial the code *999# to check if it is authorised.

He also recalled that Tunisian law prohibits the sale and use of stolen mobile phones.

Following this press conference, an agreement on the operation of this system was signed between CERT and the three mobile operators in Tunisia.

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