IACE: Imperative to adopt measures to avoid panic effect that may affect economy 
27/07/2021 17:56, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) - The steering committee of the Arab Institute of Business Leaders (IACE), meeting in extraordinary session on Monday, July 26, stressed "the need to preserve the structures of the state and the production apparatus in a climate of peace and away from all tensions.

Reacting to the exceptional measures announced by the President of the Republic on Sunday, July 25, the Steering Committee of the IACE drew Tuesday, attention to the importance of "adopting the necessary measures to avoid the installation of a panic effect that can affect the country's economy, (massive withdrawals of cash, falling stock market, movements of the money market, depreciation of the currency, financing of international trade, the confidence of foreign investors, rush to commodities and supply difficulties that could result).

Thus, it recommended to give more prerogatives to the Central Bank during this transitional period, to reassure operators and markets.

It also considered it essential to "clarify the next steps that should lead to a normalization of the situation, to provide answers to the expectations of the population in economic and social matters and to mobilise skills that combine experience, courage and ability to execute".

According to the IACE, the resolution of this institutional crisis should allow Tunisia to strengthen the democratic gains; as well as to establish a system of governance to carry out the necessary reforms and public policies.

It would also strengthen the rule of law and fight against corruption to restore the confidence of national and international investors and promote the emergence of new investment opportunities and jobs for sustainable and inclusive growth.

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