November 2022, third hottest month of November since 1950
10/01/2023 13:45, TUNIS/Tunisia
(TAP) - November 2022 was marked by a rise of temperature in most regions. The average temperature exceeded the benchmark by +1.5°C, making November of 2022 the third hottest since 1950, said the National Institute of Meteorology (INM).
Ranking the third hottest month after November 2014 (+2.1 °C) and November 2012 (+2.2 °C), November 2022 was marked by high temperatures and the return of rain in several region after the dry month of October,reads the INM's Monthly Climatological Report of November 2022 in Tunisia.
Mean temperatures ranged between 13.7 °C in Thala and 24.3 °C in Medenine.
The temperatures in November 2022 were exceptionally high and continued to be above the reference rates until the nineteenth day of the month. Starting from the twentieth day of the month, weather fluctuations included many directions and were accompanied by scattered rains and strong winds, which caused a noticeable decrease in temperature, especially during the period from November 20 to 30, 2022.
The average maximum temperature ranged from 18.2 °C in Thala to 27.2 °C in Medenine. The maximum temperatures in November were higher than the reference rates in all regions, with differences ranging from +0.1 °C in El Borma to +3.5°C degrees in Medenine.
As for the general average (27 main stations) for the maximum temperature, it reached 23.2 °C, and it exceeded the reference average for the same stations (21.5 °C) by a difference of +1.7 °C
Minimum temperatures were also high, ranging between 8.8°C in Kasserine and 21.4°C in Medenine, and were above the reference rates in most regions, where the differences ranged from +0.1 °C in Zaghouan to +2.0 °C in Tataouine. The absolute minimum temperature reached 2.1°C in Kebili on November 30, 2022. As for the average minimum temperature, it was 12.7 °C, which was above the reference average (11.6 °C) with a difference of +1.1 °C.

Amount of rain down 30%

The monthly total amount of rain was low, and rain was absent in some central and southern regions, while the northern regions obtained amounts that locally exceeded the reference monthly total (1991-2020). As for the general monthly total (27 main stations) for the month of November 2022, it amounted to 757.3 millimeters, while the monthly reference rate for the same stations was 1069 millimeters, thus the percentage of the decrease in the amounts of rain reached 30 %.
The winds were generally weak to moderate, and their speed increased during the fifth day of the month in most regions, and its maximum speed ranged from 72 km/h in Beja to 97 km/h in Tabarka and reached 101 km/h in Thala.
The wind speed also increased during the ninth day of the month in the Cap Bon region reaching a maximum speed of 97 km / h in Nabeul.
The winds were strong on November 22 in most regions of the south, and their maximum speed ranged between 61 km / h in El Borma and 94 km / h in Tataouine, which generated sand phenomena on these regions.
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