BCT Governor invites Maghreb banking community to join pan-Arab multi-currency payment platform
30/01/2023 15:45, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) - Governor of the Central Bank of Tunisia (BCT), Marouane El Abassi, invited the Maghreb banking community to seize the opportunity offered by the pan-Arab multi-currency payment platform "BUNA" with a more intensive adherence and a diversification of use cases able to enrich the landscape of the Arab exchanges.

Speaking at the conference organised by the Arab Monetary Fund (AMF) for the Maghreb banking and financial community on the BUNA platform, Abassi stressed the importance of integrating the region's payment infrastructures as "an essential lever for achieving the strategic objective of financial and economic integration."

He reiterated, in this vein, BCT's support for the development of this project. The pan-Arab multi-currency payment platform, he recalled, has intrinsic advantages in terms of lighter membership conditions and reduced costs promoting a speedy settlement of transactions of operators and clearing and settlement flows between central banks.

The BCT is one of the first three issuing institutions to have joined the BUNA platform. Six Tunisian banks have already integrated the system.

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