Tunis monopolises majority of real estate market offer and demand in 2022 (Mubawab)
04/02/2023 18:56, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) - "The capital and its surroundings continue to monopolise the majority of the supply and demand of the Tunisian real estate market, with 80% and 65% of apartment rental and purchase offers, respectively, in 2022,", this is what emerges from a quantitative assessment of the real estate market, published by leading real estate online platform Mubawab.

On the demand side, the capital is the subject of 79% of requests for apartments for rent and 71% of requests for apartments for sale.

Regarding the size of housing, the interval of area 120m ² - 160m ² occupies the first position with 25% of offers and 26% of requests for purchase of apartments. This same interval is the most popular for offers and requests for renting apartments recorded on mubawab.tn, with 29% and 28% respectively.

The interval 100 -120 m² is ranked second both for the purchase and rental of an apartment, while the areas below 50 m² remain the least sought.

Regarding the rental supply, the Berges du Lac 1 and 2 are at the head of the ranking of offices (18 and 23%), ahead of the district of the «Jardins de Carthage» with a rate that amounts to 12%, followed by the Soukra (5%), Ariana City (3%), and the Charguia (2%)

The average prices for an office rental below 1500 dinars are associated with the old neighborhoods of downtown Tunis namely: Kheireddine Pacha, Belvedere, Mutuelleville, etc..

On the other hand, the highest prices are reported in the new districts of Tunis such as the «Centre Urbain Nord» Lake 1, 2 and 3. To settle there, at least 3000 dinars of rent per month are needed.

As for the most sought-after districts for the purchase of an apartment in the Greater Tunis area, the prices per square meter are as follows City Ennasr 2 (TND 2,590), Soukra (TND 2,660), Les Jardins de Carthage (TND 3,810) and Boumhel Bassatine (TND 2,100).

For the Cap Bon region, the most sought-after districts are Hammamet Nord (TND 2,720 DT), Kelibia (TND 1,900), Cité El Wafa (TND 2,435) and downtown Nabeul (TND 2,300).

As for the Sahel region, Sahloul (TND 2,370), El Kantaoui (TND 3,270), Hammam Sousse (TND 2,200) and Hergla (TND 2,190) are the most sought-after districts.

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