Tunisian Artificial Intelligence Society set up
22/05/2023 11:46, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) - The Tunisian Artificial Intelligence Society (TAIS) has just been set up in a bid to promote a culture of artificial intelligence (AI) in Tunisia.

Launched by the Tunisian France-based "RECONNECTT" association, which describes itself as "the network of the Tunisian elite abroad" and composed of Tunisian executives working in France in IT, Finance and consulting fields, the TAIS seeks to be "a forum for discussion and brainstorming around artificial intelligence," the association said in a press release on Monday.

TAIS gathers over 20 Tunisian AI experts, including researchers working in well-known international universities, managers and experts holding key positions in the GAFAM companies (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft), in addition to the financial sector.

The TAIS's network also covers Europe and North American countries, in addition to Tunisian experts living in Tunisia.

During the recently-held inaugural meeting of the TAIS, its members voiced willingness to become a force of proposal to devise a Tunisian AI strategy.

The association aspires to share the knowledge and skills of its members with young Tunisians in terms of technical, social and communication skills.

A particular focus was laid on consolidating the skills of Tunisian graduates in order to improve their employability in the fields of data and AI in Tunisia and overseas.

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