Financing market "Go Malta" not taken from state public finances (Noonan Fehri)
27/07/2016 16:28, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) - Minister of Communication Technology and Digital Economy Noômen Fehri said, on Wednesday at a plenary session of the House of the People's Representatives (HPR), he assumes full responsibility of the purchase contract by Tunisie Telecom (TT) of a 60% share of the telecommunications company "Go Malta" whose funding was not taken from public finances, according to him.

Fehri explained, in his response to questions addressed to him by Imed Daimi and Sahbi Attig, he had asked the HPR and the specialized committees to invite to his hearing the CEO of TT that the Tunisian state holds a 65% capital against 31% for the United Arab Emirates on the market, the manager gave all the information needed.

The Minister stressed that the decisions of power in TT, which he described the situation "good", returns to the Tunisian state, indicating the existence of a board of eight people who supervise the fate of the company, some of them are appointed by the Tunisian authorities and the powers of decision-making.

He said a technical committee of the market made up of Tunisian skills and having all the information was established. These skills had proposed to the Ministerial Committee to approve the contract, saying it was imperative to hire international advisers to submit competitive offers.

The market cost, he said, stands at 200 million Euros (500 million dinars), an amount repayable over 5 years, an average of € 40 million a year through earnings to "Go Malta" and TT.

Noomen Fehri insists that the market "Go Malta" has no risk to the budget of the Tunisian State, noting that the acquisition transaction aims instead to "ensure reserves for the state in the future."

For him, Malta is one of the leading countries in the production of electronic games and this could help change the Tunisian skills develop projects in new technologies.

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