Tunisia should rethink its economic model to make it more inclusive (Bouchamaoui)
02/09/2016 12:06, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) - Tunisia should rethink its economic model in its substance to make it more inclusive, oriented towards innovation and knowledge and to make sure that each Tunisian man and woman will benefit of progress, affirmed Thursday in New York, Industry, Trade and Handicrafts Confederation (UTICA) President Wided Bouchamaoui.

"It is a more important challenge than that of the political one given the international context of economic crisis," said Bouchamaoui during works of the High level Forum on the Culture of Peace organised on the occasion of the anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration and Programme of Action on a Culture of Peace.

It is not enough to organise elections to become a democracy, she pointed out, the culture of peace and that of democracy are two long processes that require much time and mainly apprenticeship: in a word peace and democracy should be nurtured.

Speaking about terrorism, Bouchamaoui considered that threat to peace and security related to terrorism is at the heart of Tunisia's challenges. Terrorism should be fought together, as it has "gone beyond borders and should be considered as one of the priorities of the United Nations agenda on the culture of peace and non-violence," she added.

Besides, she launched a call to avoid mixing between terrorism and Islam, "we are victim of a semantic problem by referring to terrorists by islamists, producing a confusion in minds between the Muslim believer who practices his religion in serenity and the jihadist ready to blow himself and kill innocent people."

In another connection, Bouchamaoui said: "We should do our utmost to embark youths in a culture of peace and non-violence, justice, reconciliation and dialogue.

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