Tunisia removed from FATF blacklist [Upd 1]
18/10/2019 14:13, TUNIS/Tunisia
(TAP) - Tunisia was officially removed from the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) blacklist, Premier Youssef Chahed tweeted . The FATF decided,...
Tunisia: national cleanup campaign scheduled for Sunday, October 20, 2019
17/10/2019 19:42, TUNIS/Tunisia
(TAP) - A major national cleanup campaign will be organised on Sunday, October 20, 2019, under the slogan "Clean Up Your Country". Launched by young...
BCT provides remote access to loan data for natural, legal persons
17/10/2019 19:32, TUNIS/Tunisia
(TAP)- The Central Bank of Tunisia (French:BCT) launched a website ( that allows remote and free of charge access to data for...
Greater Tunis Protection Project: Identifying solutions to difficulties in order to meet deadline
17/10/2019 18:27, TUNIS/Tunisia
(TAP) - The progress rate of work on the 3rd batch of the Greater Tunis Flood Protection Project - (West Tunis Area) at the Ben Arous Governorate...
Cumulative tourism revenue up 41%, until October 10 (BCT)
17/10/2019 18:17, TUNIS/Tunisia
(TAP) - Cumulative tourism receipts have climbed up 41 percent from the beginning of the year to October 10, compared to the same period of 2018, to...
Draft State Budget 2020: Prices of hydrocarbons sold to public to be revised
17/10/2019 17:03, TUNIS/Tunisia
(TAP) - The public selling prices of hydrocarbons will have to be adjusted in 2020, according to the draft State budget 2020, published on the...
Draft State budget 2020 requires mobilisation of loans amounting to 11,248MTD
17/10/2019 16:54, TUNIS/Tunisia
(TAP) – The draft State budget for 2020 requires the mobilisation of loans amounting to 11,248 million Tunisian dinars (MTD), including 2,,400 MTD of...
Airbus to launch soon pilot training centre in Tunisia
16/10/2019 19:14, TUNIS/Tunisia
(TAP) - The partnership programmes between Airbus and Tunisia, particularly in the field of training, were at the heart of the meeting that Minister...
Tunisia at 2nd China International Import Expo November 5-10 in Shanghai
16/10/2019 18:06, TUNIS/Tunisia
(TAP) – Ten Tunisian companies operating in the export of olive oil, dates and canned food will partake in the 2nd edition of the China International...
World populations must endeavour for better nutrition (FAO)
16/10/2019 15:59, TUNIS/Tunisia
(TAP) – “The populations are urged to limit the consumption of products with saturated fat, high in sugar and salt and to adopt a better nutrition...
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