Trade deficit widens to 9,780.5MD during H1 of 2019
09/07/2019 10:54, TUNIS/Tunisia
(TAP) – The trade deficit widened to 9,780.5 million dinars (MD) during the first half (H1) of 2019, against 8,164.9MD during H1 of 2018. The...
Commission set up for inquiry into causes of Kalaa Kobra train accident (Minister of Transport)
08/07/2019 19:42, TUNIS/Tunisia
(TAP) - Minister of Transport, Hichem Ben Ahmed, announced in a statement to TAP, the establishment of a technical commission of inquiry to determine...
Ministry of Agriculture and Alternative Network of youth-Tunisia sign agreement
08/07/2019 18:12, TUNIS/Tunisia
(TAP) - A partnership agreement was signed on Monday in Tunis between the Ministry of Agriculture, Water Resources and Fisheries and the...
Cereal harvest for 2018-2019 season is estimated at 24 million quintals (Ministry of Agriculture)
08/07/2019 17:18, TUNIS/Tunisia
(TAP)-The 2018-2019 cereal harvest is expected to reach 24 million quintals, a record harvest compared to previous seasons. The National...
World Bank grants Tunisia $ 2.1 million to support decentralisation
08/07/2019 16:51, TUNIS/Tunisia
(TAP) – Tunisia signed an agreement of a 2.128 million US dollars (6.125 million dinars) donation with the World Bank, Monday. The agreement was...
FTTH and Tunisia Jobs sign agreement to facilitate enterprises' access to funding
08/07/2019 14:48, TUNIS/Tunisia
(TAP) - A collaboration agreement aimed at supporting enterprises, facilitating their access to funding and improving their positioning on the market...
There will be no difficulties this season with flow of dates (Omar Béhi)
07/07/2019 15:13, TUNIS/Tunisia
(TAP)-The harvest of dates will not experience this season any difficulties in marketing thanks to the export of the quantities harvested, said Trade...
Trade Minister inaugurates 35th edition of Gabès International Fair
07/07/2019 14:37, TUNIS/Tunisia
(TAP) - Minister of Trade Omar Al-Bahi inaugurated Saturday evening the 35th edition of the Gabes International Fair, which will continue Held from...
Japanese cooperation with African countries ranks 4th (JICA President)
07/07/2019 14:22, TUNIS/Tunisia
(TAP correspondent Amal Ben Hajiba)- Currently, the Japanese cooperation with African countries ranks 4th, in the same rank as France, after the USA,...
Two decisions to freeze money of Regueb Koranic school published in JORT
06/07/2019 20:47, TUNIS/Tunisia
(TAP) - Two decisons to freeze the money of the Regueb Koranic school and its legal representative published in the Official Gazette (JORT), among 45...
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