Terrorist killed Saturday in Kasserine identified by forensic police
01/04/2018 15:08, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) – Forensic police identified the terrorist killed Saturday by specialised units of the National Guard in Hassi Frid (Kasserine). He is called Chawki Chagraoui, wanted for involvement in terrorism cases.

According to the Interior Ministry, the element had joined Katiba Okba Ibn Nafaa since 2014 before leaving to join the group Jound Al Khilafa (Soldiers of the Caliphate), a branch of the terrorist organisation Daesh.

Chawki Chagraoui had participated in several terrorist attacks including that targeting the home of former Interior Minister Lotfi Ben Jeddou in May 2014. During the same year, he also participated in the assassination attempt of one member of the National Constituent Assembly.

The terrorist eliminated Saturday was part of the group that targeted soldiers in Jebel Mghilla in April 2015 and laid mines on the heights of Kasserine aimed at military and security patrols.

In a previous statement, the department said that specialised units of the National Guard had ambushed along the mountain to trap terrorists while they tried to infiltrate an agglomeration in the delegation of Hassi Frid in Douar Rogba. The 72- hour operation resulted in the neutralisation of a terrorist. Other terrorists were injured.

The police seized 5 shippers, ammunition and sum of money in Tunisian dinar.

The ministry adds that the area has been completely surrounded by National Guard units in coordination with the Army and that the combing operation continues to hunt down terrorists.

The National Unit for Terrorist Crime Research of the Aouina National Guard was tasked with the case in coordination with the prosecutor's office at the judicial anti-terrorist centre.

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