Machrouu Tounes denies “existence of consensus with any political party” (statement)
24/10/2018 20:55, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) - The “Machrouu Tounes” movement, led by Mohsen Marzouk, has denied the existence of a "consensus with any political party", saying its dealings have focused with all the protagonists on the reference to the Constitution as a middle ground with political opponents, beyond "destructive ideological struggles".

Marchouu Tounes was reacting, in a statement Wednesday, to the comments by Chairman of the Shura council of Ennahdha Movement Abdelkarim Harouni who reported a consensus between his movement and Machrouu Tounes.

"In order to avoid any misunderstanding, the Machrouu Tounes movement is ready to participate in power even with political opponents if the platform of government action is set in a specific programme of national salvation, a (proposal) that it discusses with the Prime Minister,” said the party splitting from Nidaa Tounes.

 The Machrouu Tounes movement emphasised that it is "working to build a modern national political pole that creates (political) balance, puts an end to political corruption and works to create a healthy national reconciliation against the actions of the Truth and Dignity Commission dividing Tunisians and stirring up struggles".

He also called on the Prosecutor’s Office to "seriously deal with the revelations of the defence team in the case of martyrs Chokri Belaid and Mohamed Brahmi" and argued for the "establishment of a national dialogue open to all national political and social parties to match the great challenges facing the country."

Ennahdha Shura Council Chairman Abdelkarim Harouni told a private radio on Wednesday that his party and the Machrouu Tounes movement have reached a consensus, saying that secretary-general of Machrou Mohsen Marzouk "was the initiator of the meeting "and that the Ennahdha party" welcomed the idea".

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