Death of young Aymen Othmani in Sejoumi: four customs officers in custody released
27/10/2018 21:23, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) - The four customs officers, who were held in custody in the case of the death of young Aymen Othmani, 19, earlier this week in Sidi Hassine, were released, spokesperson for the Court of First Instance of Tunis 2, Moez Ben Salem told TAP on Saturday evening.

"The investigating judge made this decision in the light of the ballistic report that confirmed that the young Aymen was hit by a bullet ricochet,” he said.

He added that the release of customs officers "is not an acquittal and customs officers remain concerned by this case," saying the file is incomplete, especially in the absence of the final report by the coroner.

The spokesperson had indicated Thursday that the investigating judge of the second office of the court heard the four customs officers who held individual weapons at the time of the raid on a warehouse containing a large stock of contraband goods in Sidi Hassine Sejoumi ( west of the capital) and issued four requests for custody.

A patrol was attacked Tuesday during a raid in a warehouse of smuggled goods in Sejoumi, in the governorate of Tunis. A young man hit by bullet succumbed to his injuries at the hospital.

The Prosecutor's Office had entrusted the judicial police with investigating the clashes that had erupted between the customs officers and protesters during the raid.

For its part, the General Directorate of Customs had explained that its agents had been attacked with projectiles while they were raiding the warehouse, causing the injury of a citizen and a number of customs officers.

The agents tried to push the protesters twice before firing warning shots, according to the customs Directorate.

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