"Ennahdha movement concerned by presidential elections and will present candidate" (Harouni)
11/02/2019 11:34, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) – “The Ennahdha movement is concerned by the presidential elections and will present a candidate,” President of Ennahdha Movement’s Shura Council Abdelkarim Harouni affirmed, adding that “the movement’s position will not be neutral as was the case in 2014.”

“The Shura council called the executive bureau to examine the various scenarios that will take into consideration the interest of the State and the party by presenting either a candidate selected among the party’s leaders or by supporting an outside candidacy,” he pointed out.

Speaking at the end of works of the Shura Council in Hammamet, Harouni specified that all the data regarding the candidates for these elections are not yet available. explaining that his party will set its final position on the basis of “the country’s interest.”

Harouni refused in the same regard, to speak about a tendency within the party claiming the formation of an elected government or a technocrat government, specifying that the key idea issued from the Shura Council consists in defending “the current national coalition government led by Youssef Chahed and to continue this experience.”

The Shura Council president reiterated his party’s position to support the stability of the government which should focus on overcoming economic and social challenges and preparing the country for free and transparent elections.

Regarding the transparency of the line separating the government’s neutrality and using the administration for a political agenda, Harouni estimated that the line consists in applying the law. “The administration and the ministries are at the service of everyone without expressing preference to one party to the detriment of another,” he explained, adding that the guarantee of neutrality “is the responsibility of free media.”

He condemned in the same regard, anyone who uses power to serve the interests of a party to the detriment of another, estimating that justice assumes responsibility to deal with the offenders.

As for political alliances, Harouni explained that his party’ policy is based on consensus and aims to reach out to the majority of old and new parties on the basis of Tunisia's programmes and interest.

“We are ready to continue our relationship with Nidaa Tounes and at the same time, we are awaiting the programme of the new party Tahya Tounes to establish a common ground that can bind both parties,” he added.

As regards the Regueb Koranic school, Harouni pointed out that the Shura Council had called at the end of its works to punish anyone guilty of violating the law and the children’s rights. The Council also called the judicial power and all the institutions to settle this situation described as “isolated and does not represent the Tunisian society,” he said.

The Council had warned against the danger of using this case to settle political ends so as to settle political scores or to demonise the associations in general.

The Council firmly condemned the position of political parties (he did not mention whom) aimed to poison the national climate by insisting on attacking the Ennahdha movement, warning against the negative impact of these actions on the political climate and its effect on the independence of the judiciary and the prestige of the State and its institutions.

According to the Shura Council, these actions will “further entrench the party in its national belonging and step up its constant willingness to continue dialogue and co-operation with the national forces to further consolidate the country’s democracy and security.  

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