Constitutional Court: parliamentary blocs maintain same candidates
03/04/2019 19:08, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) - The Vetting Committee of the House People's Representatives (HPR) held a meeting on Wednesday to consider the nominations for the Constitutional Court presented by the parliamentary blocs, after the plenary failed six times to elect members of that court.

This repeated setback required re-opening the nominations by decision of the Parliament’s Bureau on March 7, 2019.

All the parliamentary blocs presented the same candidates they fielded in the previous plenaries.

Thus, in the case of legal specialists:

Mohamed Adel Kaâniche (parliamentary blocs of Nidaa Tounes and Al-Horra)

Abderrahmen Kraïem (Al-Horra group)

Ayachi Hammami (Popular Front and Democratic Bloc groups)

Maher Krichène (Allegiance to the Nation)

The nominations of the people mentioned above have been validated.

Supported by the Popular Front and the National Coalition bloc, the candidacy of Sana Ben Achour in the same specialty was rejected.

The document concerning the sworn statement is missing from the file.

The group of Ennahdha for its part presented a new candidate in the same specialty, in the person of Mohamed Salah Essersi, but the vetting committee rejected his candidacy. The candidate's file in question did not contain the required scientific diploma.

With respect to the category of non-specialists in law:

Mohamed Fadhel Troudi (Allegiance to the Nation group)

Abdellatif Bouazizi (Ennahdha group)

The nominations of these two personalities were retained, while that of Fatma Zahra Abbes, new candidate of the National Coalition in the same specialty was rejected for incomplete file.

At a first electoral plenary session, the House of People's Representatives elected on March 14, 2018 magistrate Raoudha Ouersghini for the category of legal specialist by a majority of 150 votes.

According to Article 118 of the Constitution, “The Constitutional Court is an independent judicial body, composed of 12 competent members, three-quarters of whom are legal experts with at least 20 years of experience.

The President of the Republic, the Assembly of the Representatives of the People, and the Supreme Judicial Council shall each appoint four members, three quarters of whom must be legal specialists. The nomination is for a single nine-year term.

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