Slim Riahi announces creation of "Al Watan Al Jadid" movement
28/08/2019 19:16, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) - Presidential candidate and businessman Slim Riahi, on Wednesday, announced the creation of the "Al Watan Al Jadid" Movement.

"It is a coalition of several independent personalities, with its orientation, its vision and a programme of deep unconventional experience, to build a new project that meets the aspirations of the Tunisian people," said Riahi.

In a speech to the attendance in the Tunis Convention Centre from France via hologram, Riahi said the political movement is open to reunite the centrist political family formed after the 20104 elections.

For his part, legal representative of the new movement Taieb Ben Sadok said "Al Watan Al Jadid" will take its time to set up its regional coordination offices and other basic structures.

"The coming years will see the existence of a strong political entity in the Tunisian political landscape," said the businessman.

Representative of the Al Watan Al Jadid coalition lists Ahlem Kamarji, stressed the importance of respecting the justice process with regard to some political personalities, suggesting that Slim Riahi, who is subject to prison sentences, will return to Tunisia before the presidential election (September 15)

Slim Riahi founded the Free Patriotic Union (UPL) party in 2011 and ran for president in 2014.

UPL subsequently merged with Nidaa Tounes and became its secretary-general g before announcing his resignation in January 2019.

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