2019 presidential election: Qalb Tounes party spokeswoman meets the press
04/09/2019 17:51, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP)- Spokesperson for Qalb Tounes party (Heart of Tunisia) Samira Chaouachi, on Wednesday, held a press conference as the election campaign of Nabil Karoui, party's candidate in the early presidential election is underway.

She said that party gives priority to the establishment of the "National Pact to Combat Poverty”, explaining that poverty eradication depends on the establishment of a policy council that will be responsible for implementing the "National Pact to Combat Poverty".

The council, she specified, would be placed under the supervision of the President of the Republic and open to all social partners and forces active in Tunisia (civil society, experts and national competences in all fields).

Nabil Karoui, president of "Heart of Tunisia" party, was arrested on August 23, 2019 on suspicion of money laundering and tax evasion, following a complaint filed against him by I Watch organisation.

Nabil Karoui's election campaign for the early 2019 presidential election opened last Monday in Gafsa, in the candidate's absence.

According to Samira Chaouachi, the party's presidential candidate Nabil Karoui will work to broaden the scope of the institution of the President of the Republic, through the proposal of initiatives aimed at creating wealth and establishing social justice.

For his part, Sadok Jabnoun, a member of the party's political bureau, said that party's proposed economic strategy is based on the liberalisation of economic resources and the choice of an economic model that achieves added value.

It also seeks to activate the role of the Presidency of the Republic in promoting economic diplomacy and to confer greater efficiency on the fight against terrorism and crime, he pointed out.

The Indictment Chamber of the Tunis Court of Appeal on Tuesday evening rejected the request for the release of candidate in the early presidential election Nabil Karoui, submitted by its defence committee on August 27, 2019.

President of the Independent High Authority for the Elections (ISIE) Nabil Baffoun had indicated on August 31 that presidential candidates Nabil Karoui and Slim Riahi, who are subject of a pending case before courts, have the right to participate in the electoral race as long as no final judgment has been rendered against them.

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