Hamma Hammami campaigns in Mahdia
05/09/2019 21:13, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP)-Presidential candidate and party leader of “the Popular Front” Hamma Hammami stressed during a meeting, Thursday in the delegation of Rejiche, governorate of Mahdia “the need to give the people their sovereignty back so that they build a sound democracy” and give the opposition their chance to access power and implement his development programme.

”The Tunisian people should be the master of their country’s wealth and should not be the envy of foreign parties who put their hand on the country and plundered its natural resources, and are being helped by corrupt parties,” said Hammami.

According to him, the biggest problem facing the country is “the absence of government development projects”. According to him, political official seek to advance their own interests and their parties’ as well as foreign lobby groups.

As part of his election campaign, Hammami visited Monastir where he pointed out that “Tunisia’s security should be comprehensive. It goes through food, water, energy, environmental, cultural, scientific and technological security “.

The presidential candidate stressed the need to implement “a military industry centre and enhance Tunisia’s repositioning at the regional and international levels as well as diversifying international relations.”

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