Presidential race: Abid Briki presents election programme in Bizerte
06/09/2019 13:45, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) – The Tunisia Forward movement’s candidate for the early presidential polls Abid Briki highlighted, on Friday in Bizerte, the importance of the president of the republic’s role in addressing social and educational issues and in countering all forms of crimes and corruption through the institutions stemming from the presidency of the Republic.

Tunisia needs imminent measures and other long-term means, he indicated in a statement to the media as he campaigned in the governorate of Bizerte.

Briki insisted on the fact that the elected president must make sacrifices at the personal level to reassure the people, notably by undertaking to cut his monthly salary as well as the general budget of the presidency of the Republic by 30%.

An initiative should be adopted by the government members to replenish the State’s funds, he proposed.

Besides, the presidential candidate suggests to appoint an expert at the head of the defence ministry, unblock the Libyan crisis and annul the use of passport between Tunisia and Algeria.

Briki also proposes to re-establish the diplomatic relations with Syria, direct loans towards development projects for the benefit of regions rather than spend them in consumption.

Briki also called for stopping the spiral of the ongoing anger among the different categories of the society and to stop “selling illusion” to voters and people.

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