Presidential election: Beni Watani's Saïd Aïdi campaigns in Sfax
06/09/2019 17:26, SFAX/Tunisia

(TAP)- Béni Watani's presidential candidate Saïd Aïdi said he would play a major role in the comprehensive reform which Tunisia needs in the event of his election.

Aidi said, as he campaigned Friday in Sfax, national security is one of the President’s prerogatives. This includes economic security, food security and the right to education, a healthy environment, health and inclusion. There is no competition between the powers of the President of the Republic and the prime minister's as they are fully in line with a vision of national unity, he said.

E conomy will be pivotal in the next stage, the presidential candidate said. Sfax, being "the country’s lungs" will have promising prospects with the shutdown of the Industrial Company of Phosphoric Acid and Fertilizers (S.I.A.P.E), Saïd Aïdi said. This will pave the way for the implementation of megaprojects likely to ensure the region’s openness on southern Tunisia and increased local and international cooperation.

The candidate also said there is need to demonstrate courage in the process of decentralisation as part of "a positive vision that upholds solidarity and complementarity between regions as well as national unity."

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