2019 Presidential Race: Abbou meets with locals in Gafsa
11/09/2019 21:37, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP)- Visiting Gafsa on Wednesday as part of his election campaign for the early presidential election of September 15, 2019, Democratic Party candidate Mohamed Abbou promised not to make any promises difficult to achieve.

"I cannot make promises or present development projects that fall within the prerogatives of the Prime Ministry," he added to media.

Abbou was speaking on the sidelines of an electoral meeting in Metlaoui, governorate of Gafsa. He indicated that if elected to the supreme judiciary, he will be the president of all Tunisians and that he will work to guarantee the independence of the judiciary.

Regarding the prerogatives of the President of the Republic, Abbou stressed that his vision in the field of national security is to put an end to the disorder in the country. It is a question, he said, of putting an end to corruption in power.

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