2019 Presidential Race: Elyes Fakhfakh in Bab Souika for his campaign
12/09/2019 22:41, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) - Elyes Fakhfakh, candidate of the Ettakatol Party for Labour and Freedom, in the early presidential election, called on voters to go to the polls on Sunday to choose "honest" candidates.

"Tunisia must be governed today by a new generation (of presidents) who understand the population and the challenges of the world," Fakhfakh told a campaign rally in Bab Souika Square in the capital.

He recalled having been in charge of the Ministry of Finance's portfolio in the Troika government and the reforms he subsequently introduced as well as his party's participation in the institutional process, stressing that he enjoys "the integrity, courage and efficiency to win the presidency".

The Ettakattol candidate stressed that it is a "realistic project" for Tunisians and for nearly one million young Tunisians who suffer from unemployment and illiteracy and are threatened by illegal immigration, crime and other scourges.

"We are not expecting security solutions today, but development solutions that open up horizons for thousands of young people and their families," he said, calling on the next President of the Republic "to address the real concerns of Tunisians and serve them sincerely", far from the political battles and debates that Tunisians have experienced over the past five years, which have seen their debt levels increase and their purchasing power deteriorate".

Before the meeting, the slogan and photos of candidate Elyes Fakhfakh were distributed, accompanied by a statement including his nine electoral commitments, including the creation of a fair, comprehensive and sustainable economic and social model, the promotion of human rights, social justice, the equitable distribution of wealth and the development of public facilities.

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