2019 Presidential Race: Lotfi Meraihi ends his campaign in Nabeul
13/09/2019 21:15, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) - Lotfi Meraihi, candidate for the early presidencial election of the Union of the Republican People ended his campaign on Friday evening in Nabeul.

He voiced hope that the race for the supreme magistracy will "remain balanced until its end and give a radiant image of Tunisia".

"This campaign was conducted in an atmosphere of democracy and healthy emulation between most candidates that took place in peace reflecting the democratic transition in Tunisia and its good image," Meraihi told reporters on the sidelines of his latest meeting held in a room in the seaside town of Cap Bon.

He noted that this democratic image of Tunisia was reflected in the "fair competition between candidates and the lack of exchange of accusations", without "going down to low levels", which reassures Tunisians, builds confidence in their elites and reduces tensions, "especially when candidates engage in these elections to solve the country's problems".

Meraihi pointed out that, as part of his campaign, he had been able to offer Tunisians a "different approach of the President of the Republic guarantor of the Constitution, who has more extensive powers of control than those exercised, the President holder of the project, so that he has alternatives if the prime minister has not fulfilled his duties".

He stressed that he had contributed to "enriching the debate on the tasks of the President of the Republic by including the economic dimension, as a major axis in the roles that the President can play, through economic diplomacy or by proposing legislative initiatives".

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