2019 Presidential Race: Youssef Chahed ends his campaign in Manouba
13/09/2019 22:30, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) - Tahya Tounes' candidate for the early presidential election, Youssef Chahed, stressed Friday in front of his supporters in Manouba that "next Sunday will be a historic opportunity for the movement and a date for elections decisive for the future of Tunisia in the next 20 years".

At the last election meeting, Youssef Chahed stressed that "Sunday is the day of victory and the day when the country should not be left under the influence of mismanagement and corruption", claiming to have engaged in the race for the supreme judiciary "only for Tunisia, its people and its project after Tunisia's difficult years, namely the citizen and the poor class".

He explained that after visiting 50 delegations and 24 governorates since the beginning of the campaign and hearing the concerns of citizens, "Tahya Tounes had long been at the heart of the field, with her youth and supporters, to present a realistic 45-point programme based on a wealth of governance experience and including solutions to all problems".

"The difficulties are now a thing of the past," he said, adding that "Tunisia has overcome its difficulties and can look to the future with optimism. Chahed says he is "well aware of the problems of Tunisians" and has the solutions, warning against the temptation to "deliver Tunisia to beginners to relearn the principles of governance".

The meeting brought together the party's bases, supporters and members of Tahya Tounes' legislative list in the region, as well as the regional coordinator of the Nidaa Tounes movement, who had announced support for Youssef Chahed.

He had previously led a political debate with young people in the governorate of Ben Arous, stating that "the elections of September 15 will determine Tunisia's fate for the next 20 years, in which young people must play a role in leadership and on the public stage in all its manifestations".

He added that his project aimed to "give young people more opportunities for political participation", to hold leadership positions and to give them the opportunity to present their views and contribute to decision-making in various fields.

Chahed called on everyone to vote for candidates with realistic programmes, "which stem from a precise diagnosis of reality to change it and to put an end to populist discourse far from reality".

In another meeting on Friday with his supporters in central Ariana, Chahed said he is indifferent to the political and media campaign targeting him and his party, saying he will continue his efforts to eradicate terrorism, bring investment and development in all areas and find employment for young people.

He stressed that "campaigns of denigration and lies spread by some political opponents to confuse his serious approach will not discourage him from materialising his convictions in order to establish security, stability and development in modern Tunisia".

Chahed called on Tunisians to support him in his project "to change the reality of life for the better" and to support his candidacy in order to pursue the reform approach which aims "to meet economic and social challenges and strengthen security on the basis of his experience in political affairs and the handling of urgent issues affecting the citizen on a daily basis".

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