"Breaking into Public Prosecutor's office threatens national security" (Sofiene Selliti)
19/09/2019 20:37, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) - Spokesperson of the Court of First Instance of Tunis Sofiene Selliti has described as "threat to national security" the breaking into the Public Prosecutor's office by a group of lawyers to observe a sit-in on Thursday.

"The Public Prosecutor represents the Judicial Counter-Terrorism Division, in other words, his office contains sensitive and confidential files," he told TAP.

This action completely paralysed the activities of the Public Prosecutor's Office at the Court, "especially since this group of lawyers broke into the prosecutor's office, damaged its contents, including the files and uttered slanderous statements undermining the sovereignty of the judiciary and the prestige of the State.”

Selliti said a group of lawyers broke into the Ppublic Prosecutor's office in Tunis at 10:00 am on Thursday, demanding clarifications on complaints filed in relation to the so-called “secret apparatus" of Ennahdha Movement.

These lawyers then announced their decision to "occupy the premises" to observe a sit-in, forcing the Public Prosecutor to leave the premises, said Selliti, adding everything was authenticated by audio-visual recordings.

The group of lawyers was evacuated by the police, he added.

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