Call for taking into consideration right of women voters in rural and border areas to take part in election campaigns (TUNMED)
07/10/2019 14:13, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) – The preliminary report on the observation of the elections, based on gender, conducted by the Tunisian Mediterranean Centre (TUNMED), called all the candidates to take into account the right of women voters in rural and border areas to take part in election campaigns, TUNMED Director Ahlem Nessiri said on Monday.

The report also laid emphasis on the importance of guaranteeing the right of people with special needs and with disability to participate in the elections, in addition to respecting the right of the civil society organisations to observe the election process, Nessiri pointed out at a press conference held in Tunis.

She indicated that the report also called the Independent higher Authority for the Elections (ISIE) members to assign supervisers around the polling centres to counter the various violations and to ensure parity in the appointment of heads of polling centres and stations, in consecration of the principle of equality as stated in the Constitution.

Besides, the report that was published at the end of the observation of the election campaign and the ballot day for the legislative polls in seven border regions (Gafsa, Kasserine, Sidi Bouzid, Kebili, Tozeur, Jendouba and Siliana) by 141 observers and co-ordinators from September 14 till October 4, revealed the impact of the presidential elections’ results on the legislative polls' activities that had been poor.

Taking the floor, Project Manager at the TUNMED Hana Amri pointed out that it appears from the report that the activities of candidate lists in the legislative polls in the rural and border areas had been limited to the distribution of flyers and the erection of few tents.

During the election meetings, the report pointed out three cases of verbal abuse made by citizens against women and five other cases of violence between representatives of the different lists, in addition to a verbal abuse by citizens against one of the candidates from the “Heart of Tunisia” list in Kasserine.

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