2019 Presidential Runoff - electoral meeting of Kais Said's end-of-campaign at Avenue Bourguiba
11/10/2019 21:50, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) - The campaign team of the candidate in the runoff election, Kais Saied, organised Friday evening an election rally at Habib Bourguiba Avenue in the capital that lasted hours, to present his programme with an artistic and poetic show.

The team called on voters to give their votes for an "independent candidate", saying that he will "restore trust" between citizens and politicians and protect the rights of particularly vulnerable social groups and the middle class.

About 2,000 supporters of the candidate, from different political and intellectual currents and tendencies, waved national flags and chanted slogans to Said, glorifying freedom, democracy, social justice, national independence, resistance to tyranny, foreign domination and for the establishment of the rule of law.

Security forces cordoned off the rally from all sides and searched the meeting entrances.

In a speech recorded and broadcast by loudspeaker, the candidate and independent academic said that he was the candidate of the "new establishment", which will "build a relationship of trust" between citizens, leaders and representatives of the people, and "give the State its full social role", in the face of its adversary with liberal economic and social orientations based on individual initiative and the reduction of the State's role.

Kais Saied activists distributed the 11-point campaign statement, under the slogan "The people want", calling for the need for a different and alternative vision of governance, development and life, which will rehabilitate citizens and actors as "fundamental actors to participate in the management of public affairs" and commit themselves to independence and the "consolidation of the judiciary", the fight against corruption and equitable development between the regions.

The rally was held on the last day of the presidential campaign, preceding a period of silence from midnight tonight.

The two candidates in the second round will compete in a TV debate on the first national channel "Wataniya 1".

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