Presidential runoff 2019: Nabil Karoui says will wait for announcement of official results by ISIE to take appropriate positions
13/10/2019 23:38, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) - Candidate in the presidential runoff election Nabil Karoui (Qalb Tounes party) said, on Sunday evening, he will wait for the Independent High Authority for the Elections (ISIE) to announce the official results to take the right positions after consulting with the party’s base and its political bureau.

Speaking at a press briefing at his campaign headquarters, he added that will be in the opposition but will not stand against programmes offered by the winning party if they are in line with his electoral platform.

He added that his party will give way to those who won the legislative elections to implement their programmes and form the government.

Karoui said the way is still ahead as his party represents the second bloc in the parliament, adding that Qalb Tounes party will work to achieve cohesion in the coming period in order to defend its principles and achieve the aspirations of one million voters who gave the party their confidence.

He said that the presidential election "cannot be described as a bright event because of the abuse and harassment that ended with his imprisonment for nearly 50 days and prevented him from campaigning and his release 48 hours before the polling date.”

Asked whether he congratulated his contender Kais Saied, Nabil Karoui refused to answer, while speaking about the absence of the principle of equal opportunities during the election campaign.

In another question regarding the big difference between him and his opponent (Kais Saied) according to exit polls, Karoui replied that the main reason for this was his unfair imprisonment after he announced his candidacy for the presidential elections.

In the same context, Karoui said that "despite his psychological and physical condition and lack of readiness, he had preferred to go ahead and complete his campaign and face his contender as soon as he was released from prison instead of going to the clinic."

Exit polls published Sunday evening by a number of polling firms showed a landslide victory for constitutional law professor Kais Saied in the presidential runoff over his contender businessman Nabil Karoui with 72 to 77% of the vote.

Overall voter turnout in the second round of the presidential election at home was 57.8% until 6 p.m., said the Independent High Authority for the Elections (ISIE).

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