Parliament to hold plenary session on causes of Ain Snoussi tragedy on December 8
05/12/2019 18:17, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) - The Bureau of the House of People’s Representatives (HPR), on Thursday, decided to hold a plenary session on December 8 to consider a request to create an investigative committee into the Ain Snoussi tragic bus crash that left 29 people dead.

The Committee will determine the causes of the accident to avoid any further tragedy in the future.

The request to create an investigative committee was made by a group of MP. It meets all required criteria, according to the Parliament.

The HRP Bureau also scheduled a debate session on the circumstances of the tragic event with the ministers of the interior, public works, transport, health and tourism, in co-ordination with the government.

The Bureau of the parliament reviewed the recommendations issued at the meeting with MP of the North West and recommendations of the meeting with heads of parliamentary groups. A debate session with relevant ministers is to be scheduled.

During the meeting, the bureau also reviewed the timetable for the discussion of the State draft budget and the finance bill 2020.

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