Echaab movement suspends participation in government formation consultations
06/12/2019 11:16, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) – Echaab movement decided to suspend participation in consultations on government formation, Echaab Secretary-General Zouhair Maghzaoui said on Friday.

“Prime Minister-designate Habib Jamli failed in his mission to manage the consultations and he did not react favourably to the proposals put forward by the movement,” he justified in a statement to TAP.

Maghzaoui denounced the lack of seriousness in the formation of the future government, specifying that the movement's participation in the consultations had been a responsibility of this political group to avoid a further failure of the government.

The Echaab movement considered in a press release on Thursday, that the methodology adopted in the government formation is only a "continuity of the failure" of successive governments since the Revolution.

In this regard, the movement questioned the ability of the PM-designate and his team to address the major challenges facing Tunisia.

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