Democratic Current quitting talks to form gov't, says Abbou
06/12/2019 19:55, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP)- The Democratic Current is pulling out of talks to form the government, said party president Mohamed Abbou.

The party will not join a cabinet including Ennahdha and its deputies will not vote for Habib Jemli's lineup, Abbou Friday told a press conference in Tunis.

"The perceptions and objectives of Ennahdha only serve its interests," he added.

The Democratic Current has another vision of the State and the country's future, especially as the post-Revolution political landscape saw the emergence of political formations that pursue their own interests.

Abbou also spoke about the stranglehold on the Interior Ministry as well as the judiciary as judges were manipulated to harm political opponents. This is a "Mafia State," he said.

Abbou said his party demanded ministerial portfolios of the interior, the justice and administrative reform to conduct an overhaul but saw its request for the Interior Ministry turned down as it is "a red line."

The Interior Ministry is "a mine of information on corruption, foreign financing, breaches, etc," Abbou added. The Democratic Current nominated two independents for the job. Abbou also said PM-designate Habib Jemli told him as they met Thursday the party cannot get the justice portfolio as "political parties are opposed to this."

The Democratic Current "was sure there will be opposition to its conditions to join the cabinet," he highlighted.

The party will now endeavour to ease the political climate and "push for peaceful activism to change the state of affairs in the country." Tunisians are urged to contribute to a reform drive over the next five years, he further said.

Abbou also said he "cannot trust those parties that will form the next government."

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