PDL bloc ends parliament sit-in [Upd 1]
09/12/2019 16:21, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) – Chair of the Free Destourian Party (PDL) Abir Moussi announced the end of a sit-in staged at the seat of the parliament since December 3.

Moussi called on fellow bloc MPs, at a press conference held Monday at the House of People’s Representatives (HPR), to join deputies at the plenary hall and resume their work.

The funding of political parties needs to be investigated, Moussi said. The PDL is committed to the transparency of its own financing.

The PDL urged the prosecutor to investigate this issue "our request was rejected over absence of legal qualifications," she further said.

"We have also submitted a request to the Central Bank of Tunisia to confiscate any amount of money deposited in the account of the party which is committed to the transparency of its funding and seeks to avoid potential plots," Moussi highlighted.

"There is need now to fight against the rise of Muslim Brotherhood and obscure forces," she said in another vein. Deputies flashing the four-fingered Rabaa sign in front of national TV cameras to overshadow her statement is a demonstration of "the chaos and dictatorship inside the parliament," Moussi added.

Moussi said her bloc will continue its parliamentary activity in full abidance with law and as part of mutual respect, while defending its rights. "The era of insulting the RCD party is now over," she said.

The HPR bureau released on Sunday evening three separate press releases in which it denounced "the insulting comments against the PDL and Ennahdha bloc."

PDL MPs started an open sit-in on December 3 at the HPR plenary hall to demand an official apology from Ennahdha over remarks by MP Jamila Ksiksi who called them "bandits and vagrants" at a plenary session dedicated to the 2019 complementary finance law.

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