Qalb Tounes National Council will set Sunday party's position on government proposed by Habib Jemli (Iyadh Loumi).
02/01/2020 22:21, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) - Iyadh Loumi, MP and one of the leaders of Qalb Tounes Party, said the party's National Council will meet next Sunday to determine the party's position on the issue of the vote of confidence in the government announced on Thursday by Prime Minister-designate Habib Jemli.

Loumi added in a statement to the press on Thursday evening after a meeting of Qalb Tounes' executive bureau at its headquarters in the capital, that his party does not consider the proposed government from the point of view of the names announced only, but also from the point of view of its programme, indicating that the issue of the fight against poverty is one of the points to which Qalb Tounes attaches great importance.

Loumi indicated that Qalb Tounes, represented by 38 members of parliament, has not yet decided its position on the vote in favour of the announced government "pending a review of the names of the proposed members of the government, in the light of the reading of its announced programme and the true independence of these members", 28 ministers and 14 secretaries of state.

"There is real competence within this government composition, and we do not see a clear political colour within it in any particular direction," Loumi commented. He also praised "Jemli's work" which began the formation of his government on November 15, 2019.

He considered that Habib Jemli has succeeded in establishing contacts with all political parties, including his party, adding that the main objective of Qalb Tounes "is the interest of Tunisia and that it has no dispute with any political party".

The Qalb Tounes MP also denied that there had been any consultations with Ennahda movement, claiming that his party has a relationship only with Habib Jemli.

Kais Saied had officially instructed Habib Jemli to form the government on November 15, 2019, following his proposal by the Ennahda movement, the party that had won the largest number of seats in parliament, and then renewed Jemli's mandate for a second month on December 15, 2019.

The head of state handed over the message containing the list of members of the new government proposed to Speaker of the House of People's Representatives (HPR), Rached Ghannouchi, at the Carthage Palace on Thursday evening, according to a statement of the presidency.

Jemli said earlier on Thursday that he had formed the government on the basis of the competence and investigation of all the names he proposed, stressing that the proposed ministers "are all independent and meet the criteria he has set".

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