Ennahdha decides to endorse Jemli's government (Harouni) [Upd 1]
05/01/2020 16:41, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP)-The Shura Council of the Ennahdha movement has decided to endorse the team proposed by Prime Minister-designate Habib Jemli, notwithstanding reservations about some designees.

At a press conference at the movement's headquarters on Sunday, Council Chairman Abdelkrim Harouni said the party will vote confidence in Jemli's government.

The council called on all MPs to vote confidence in the government team proposed by Jemli on the basis of a programme to fight corruption, poverty and unemployment.

Regarding the reservations expressed by the Ennahdha movement on certain names, Harouni said the party will consult with Habib Jemli on this issue in order to make some changes to the proposed line-up.

He added that his party does not intend to pressure or blackmail the designated Prime Minister.

Its goal is to present to Tunisians "the best government in terms of independence, loyalty and efficiency".

He called on Habib Jemli to review some names, in accordance with the constitution and legal procedures in force, before the confidence vote at the plenary session scheduled for next Friday.

The President of the Shura Council also urged him to step up consultations with parliamentary groups to bolster political support for the government and therefore enable it to begin reforms in the best possible conditions, complete the transitional justice process and achieve the expected national reconciliation.

Harouni said dialogue with Habib Jemli will continue in terms of government's programme and appointments, emphasising Ennahdha's concern to see the government's programme meet, at best, the aspirations of Tunisians.

Abdelkrim Harouni insisted on the movement's attachment to the principle of a political government made up of representatives of political parties, while opening to independent national experts.

Habib Jemli's option for a cabinet of independents is not the choice of Ennahdha, who picked him to form the government, he regretted.

He added that the party chose to put Tunisia's interest above all other considerations by deciding to give its confidence in this government despite its reservations.

On a completely different note, Harouni expressed the Shura Council's concern about developments in Libya.

He affirmed the movement's attachment to a consensual and peaceful political solution in that country, stressing that Tunisia is not concerned by the policy of axes.

The Shura Council held its 35th session on Sunday, three days after the announcement of the lineup of the government proposed by Habib Jemli which will face a vote of confidence in parliament next Friday.

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