Free Destourian Party "will not vote for any government comprising a single Islamist" (Abir Moussi)
18/01/2020 21:29, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) - President of the Free Destourian Party (PDL), Abir Moussi said the country’s political, economic and social reality nine years after the Revolution, "confirms its economic collapse, political corruption, the failure of the electoral law and other declining factors.”

She stressed that her party "will not vote for any government that includes a single “member of Brotherhood” in allusion to the Ennahdha movement.

Chairing a meeting commemorating the 68th anniversary of the revolution of January 18, 1952 on Saturday in Bizerte, Moussi expressed her solidarity with leader in the People's Current Party, Mbarka Aouainia, widow martyr Mohamed Brahmi, after a plan targeting her was uncovered.

"Our party stands in solidarity with any victim or target of violence, regardless of political differences," she stressed.

On the other hand, the leader in the PDL regretted that the Tunisian authorities neglected the 68th anniversary of the Revolution of January 18, 1952 and the absence of any commemoration of this historic event across the country, describing this neglect as a "denial of the sacrifices of the martyrs and of the national movement as a whole".

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