Al Joumhouri calls for values of Revolution to be taken into account in choosing PM
19/01/2020 17:20, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP)- The political bureau of Al Joumhouri called on President Kais Saied to take into account, in the choice of the person who will be in charge of forming the next government, the degree of attachment of the latter to the values of the revolution and the aspirations of Tunisians to break with the old regime and fight against corruption.

In a statement issued on Sunday after the periodic meeting of its political bureau, the party stressed the need for a Prime Minister capable of reviving the national economy, freeing the country from the bosom of the Monetary Fund and combating regional disparities.

On another level, Al Joumhouri's political bureau welcomed President Saied's decision not to accept the late invitation to the Berlin Conference on Libya. A position which, adds the party in its statement, highlights Tunisia's attachment to the key role it has assumed in the Libyan file for considerations reflecting the solidity of the historical ties between the two brotherly countries.

Al Joumhouri recalls Tunisia's incessant call for a political solution leading to the establishment of a civil status that preserves the territorial integrity of the country and defends the sovereignty of Libyans over their wealth.

The political bureau of Al Joumhouri also expresses its concern about the worsening political crisis in Tunisia and the deterioration of the prestige and role of the parliament. The party strongly denounces the refusal of the members of the Free Destourian Party to recite the Fatiha in memory of the martyrs of the revolution and their disrespect for the Constitution of the country.

The party regrets the death on Saturday of Tarek Dziri, who was shot during the events that followed the revolution.

It recalls, in the aftermath, the demands of the wounded of the revolution and the families of the martyrs concerning the publication of the list of victims in the Jort (Official Gazette of the Tunisian Republic).

Al Joumhouri announces, on a completely different level, that its 7th national congress will take place on June 19, 2020 and that the political preparations and the formation of specialised commissions will begin in March, the date of the meeting of the central committee of the party.

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