Fakhfakh says to form small political government aware of critical stage [Upd 1]
24/01/2020 14:47, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) - Prime Minister-designate Elyes Fakhfakh Friday told a news conference in Dar Dhiafa, Carthage, he will form a small political government of no more than 25 members for the sake of efficiency and effectiveness. It will be a cohesive team with high talents open to youth and women and fully aware of this critical stage.

Fakhfakh said he set about harnessing political support for the new cabinet which, he said, involves parties that champion the values embodied by Kais Saied in the presidential runoff.

The designated prime minister said he shaped the governing coalition. Some parties will necessarily occupy the opposition benches for "there is no democracy without opposition," he added.

Emphasis was laid on the strict enforcement of the law as well as the need to rationalise and make political life ethical to tackle the decline of trust in State institutions and among political actors. The latter, Fakhfakh said, need to shoulder their responsibilities in a spirit of trust and respect for the general interest.

Fakhfakh said his nomination will usher in a new phase of harmony between the two heads of the executive power and between the executive and the legislative branches.

The PM-designate also said it is imperative to broaden political support for the government and close ranks to address national and regional challenges.

The much-awaited economic and social transition will be the priority in the next stage, he said. The expectations of disadvantaged groups need to be met and hope restored to youth far way from narrow political calculations.

Fakhfakh reminded that cabinet formation talks with different parties started.

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