Mohamed Abbou: no agreement with Elyes Fakhfakh, in principle we are not concerned by government formation
07/02/2020 18:54, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP)- Democratic Current (Attayar) Secretary-General Mohamed Abbou said on Friday that his party has not reached an agreement with Prime Minister-designate Elyes Fakhfakh, on names to form the future government.

In a statement to the press after his meeting this afternoon at Dar Dhiafa Palace in Carthage with PM-designate Elyes Fakhfakh, Abbou said: "In principle, we are not concerned about the formation of the government. Attayar is reserving his final position until his political bureau meets next Sunday.

Attayar, he added, has already discussed the government programme with the PM-designate and presented his proposals, some of which have been taken into consideration. The party had no problem with the outline of the submitted programme, but today it has not reached an agreement on the formation of the government as agreed by its national council.

"The laxity and political corruption in the country have reached a stage that prevents the success of any programme," he warned, saying that his party has called for the appointment of persons capable of imposing and enforcing the law without coercion.

Abbou explained that his party has called for certain ministries to impose the law and break with the attitude of the majority of political parties to serve their own interests without regard to the interests of the people.

Attayar, however, respects the choices of the PM-designate regarding some of the other names proposed that do not necessarily reflect the party's orientations, he said.

Attayar (democratic bloc, 41 seats) is calling for a political government composed of prominent leaders representing the parties involved in the consultations for the formation of the government.

The party opposes the neutrality of the sovereign ministries and calls for the justice portfolio.

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