Line-up of Elyes Fakhfakh cabinet before withdrawal of Ennahdha Movement
15/02/2020 22:52, TUNIS/Tunisia
(TAP) – Prime Minister-designate Elyes Fakhfakh unveiled after a meeting with the Head of State on Saturday evening the lineup of the cabinet team, which was the subject of consensus between the parties and parliamentary blocs participating in the consultations, before Ennahdha Movement (54 deputies) announced its withdrawal and its decision not to give it confidence in Parliament.

Fakhfakh said 15 members of his proposed government (29 ministers and two secretaries of state) are "independent", while the remaining portfolios are divided between the Ennahdha parties (6 ministers), the Democratic Current Attayar (3), the Echaab Movement (2) and Tahaya Tounes (2).

One ministerial portfolio has been given to the National Reform parliamentary bloc bloc (to Nidaa Tounes) and another to the Al Badil party.

The PM-designate did not specify the affiliation of the Secretary of State for Water Resources, Aksa Bahri.

Here is the cabinet lineup:

Minister of Justice: Thouraya Jribi Khemiri (Independent)

Minister of the Interior: Hichem Mechichi (Independent)

Minister of Defence: Imed Hazgui (Independent)

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Noureddine Erray (Independent)

Minister of Finance: Mohamed Nizar Yaîch (Independent)

Minister of State Property: Ghazi Chaouachi (Democratic Current)

Minister of Investment and International Cooperation: Slim Azzabi (Tahya Tounes)

Minister of Employment and Vocational Training: Fathi Belhaj (Echaab Movement)

Minister of Social Affairs: Habib Kchaou (Independent)

Minister of Transport: Imed Hammami (Ennahdha)

Minister of Local Governance: Anouar Maarouf (Ennahdha)

Minister of Agriculture: Osama Khriji (Independent)

Minister of Energy, Mining and Energy Transition: Mongi Marzouk (Independent)

Minister of Industry: Salah Ben Youssef (Independent)

Minister of Tourism: Mohamed Ali Toumi (Al Badil Ettounsi)

Minister of Trade: Mohamed Mselini

Minister of the Environment: Chokri Ben Hassen (Tahya Tounes)

Minister of Information Technology and Digital Economy: Lobna Jribi (Independent)

Minister of Public Works, Housing and Spatial Planning: Moncef Sliti (Ennahdha)

Minister of Religious Affairs: Ahmed Adhoum (Independent)

Minister of Women, Family, Child and Elderly Affairs: Asma Shiri (Independent)

Minister of Health: Abdellatif Mekki (Ennahdha)

Minister of Higher Education: Khalil Laamiri (Ennahdha)

Minister of Education: Mohamed Hamdi (Demoratic Current)

Minister of Youth Affairs and Sport: Ahmed Gaaloul (Ennahdha)

Minister of Cultural Affairs: Shiraz Laatiri (Independent)

Minister of State to the Prime Minister in charge of Civil Service, Governance and Fight against Corruption: Mohamed Abbou (Democratic Current)

Minister to the Prime Minister in charge of Human Rights, Relations with Constitutional Bodies and Civil Society: Ayachi Hammami (Independent)

Minister to the Prime Minister in charge of relations with Parliament: Ali Hafsi (Nidaa
Tounes – Reform bloc)

Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs: Salma Ennaifer (independent).

Secretary of State for Agriculture in charge of Water resources: Aksa Bahri
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