Ghannouchi urges solidarity, unity, appeasement and consensus as he congratulates Tunisians on Eid Al Fitr
23/05/2020 21:54, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP)- Speaker of the House of People's Representatives Rached Ghanouchi, on Saturday, called for strengthening solidarity, closing ranks, easing tension and promoting the spirit of consensus.

In an address to the Tunisian people on the advent of Eid Al Fitr, the speaker of the HPR said "We are about to live a new stage which is the post-coronavirus phase. This is why we call on everyone to show solidarity, union, appeasement and consensus.

He added: "After a successful democratic and political transition, we have to look to society, especially to vulnerable groups and disadvantaged regions to achieve the required development".

"We must now meet the development challenge after having succeeded in meeting the political challenge and enhancing social justice as we have been able to promote freedom," he said.

The speaker of the Parliament also congratulated all staff working in the health sector for their efforts to win the battle against the coronavirus.

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